A Taste of THM…

As some of you know, I started my THM journey about 6 months ago. Trim Healthy Mama (THM) is an excellent eating plan to follow. But it is more than that. It is a new way of life. A new way to view eating. THM is so easy and fun to follow, it doesn’t even seem like you are following a plan while doing so. There are so many quick and tasty recipes that a person could never get bored with following the Trim Healthy Mama plan.

I don’t think I could ever forget the day I received my Trim Healthy Mama book. It arrived in the mail a day before my birthday, but I had no idea it was coming. I had been attempting to follow THM for about 5 months by simply reading other blogs or finding THM recipes online.  It is pretty rare that I go out and spend money on myself, so I wasn’t about to order the book online any time soon. I never even mentioned it to my husband that I would love to get it for my birthday. But being the wonderful man he is, he already new how much I wanted the book.

Once I knew he actually ordered a gift for my birthday, I kept begging for hints. I found out that he had ordered it online and that it would be shipped from out east. He also said he had to pay extra to make sure it was here in time for my birthday. My first guess was that a relative would be flying over for a visit (I am horrible with directions, took me a good hour to realize that the majority of my relatives live on the WEST coast!) Obviously I was wrong. So the night before my birthday as I was making supper, the doorbell rang. I went to the door and no one was there, but I saw a postal truck driving away. I looked down and saw a brown package on the porch. I didn’t think much of it as my husband often has packages shipped to the house for work. But then I noticed that it was addressed to ME!! The second I picked it up, I knew exactly what it was. Forgetting about supper on the stove, I ran up the stairs in excitement and hurriedly opened the package. There it was. The beautiful shiny white cover with its fresh new-book smell. People thought I was crazy to be so excited about a “DIET“ book for my BIRTHDAY! But I think they thought my husband even crazier for BUYING me a “diet“ book for my birthday!

THM book

Now that my story is out, it`s time to talk a bit about the plan. I mentioned earlier that it is an easy plan to follow. I should clarify, the first week or so is not easy, but once you get the hang of it, the plan and delicious food is so worth that first bit of confusion. I wish I could explain how much better I feel after starting THM and how much more energy I have. My attitude towards things and my mood swings have also greatly improved! So I must say my husband is all for this plan!

So, to put it simply, the main goal is to keep carbs and fats (fuels) in separate meals. An example of a carb meal (E meal) would be Chicken Chili or Stuffed Peppers. Some fat meals (S meal) include Lettuce Burgers or Loaded Chicken and Cauliflower Casserole. (These are all recipes that I hope to have up on the blog soon, so stay tuned!)

Another big thing is to cut out sugar. But don`t worry, this does not mean you can no longer enjoy scrumptious, sweet desserts! Some of our favourites include Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bites, Whipped Dessert, and a variety of Smoothies.

Let me also mention how I LOVE that this book is written by two Christian sisters. Their bantering back and forth throughout the book is so entertaining and I really appreciate how they tie everything in with Scripture. This book includes more than just an explanation to the plan. It also has an abundance of recipes, exercise plans, gives examples of how to make this plan work well for you and your family, and more.

For more info on Trim Healthy Mama, check out their Website or Facebook page. Even if you don’t have weight to lose, I encourage you to try some of their recipes. So satisfying and delicious!

To get a taste of THM, perhaps your first, check out my Taco Soup Recipe. Let me know what you think!


Every Good Thing

As I was searching through blogs I follow, I stumbled upon a song by The Afters. The words really struck me. Far too often we (myself very much included) take the simple pleasures of this life for granted.

Being a momma of two, I get so caught up in the busyness of life. There are little noses to wipe, toys to pick up, fingerprints to wash off the windows, ‘owies’ to kiss, meals to make, and loads of laundry to fold. I find my to-do list is never-ending and my hobbies go untouched, sitting half-finished in the corner, collecting dust. This song couldn’t have come at a better time. It reminded me to just sit back, relax, and thank the Lord for all He has done.

Each and every thing we have in this word is from our Father in Heaven. Those little noses are so precious and perfect for Eskimo kisses. Those toys to pick up show me how much fun the kiddos are having and that I was able to spend time making puzzles with them. The fingerprints to wash away remind me that God has given us a beautiful home to live in. The ‘owies’ give me extra snuggle time with the little ones. The meals to make remind me I was blessed with a family to love and cherish. The laundry shows me that we have been given much in abundance.

So sometimes, us momma’s just need to take a break from all the housework and cleaning, and remember to enjoy those little moments in life. Those times when your 2-year old starts a water fight. Or your 12-month old is spitting out food and making silly faces. Or they both just want to snuggle on the couch and watch another episode of Bubble Guppies.

So my prayer today is simple: “Lord, thank You for each and every moment of this life; for every good thing. For my husband, our children, and all that You have blessed us with. Help us never to take it for granted, and to live each day knowing You are at our side and to enjoy every moment. Amen”

I STARTED A BLOG! Ahhhhhh!!!!

My mind is constantly rambling with different thoughts and ideas. Thoughts like “Maybe I should make a command center?”, or “I wonder if I could make this THM appropriate?”, or “How on earth do people keep their children entertained?”. Ideas like garden plans, new recipes to try, more efficient budgeting, and new sewing projects. What better way to get them out of my mind then writing them down on paper?(more like the Internet) So this is exactly what my blog posts will be about! Hopefully some of my posts will help myself, and my readers, to try new things and get some answers to these questions.

I will also be writing about personal happenings to keep my family and friends up to date. There may also be a post here and there about personal opinions and beliefs, so be prepared!

Hope you find my blog fun, useful, and interesting!