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Back at It!

It’s been far too long since my last blog post. Time to jump back into the blogging world! Which, by the way, is no easy task considering my toddler pulled 27 keys off the laptop – who knew the ‘m’ was nearly in the center of the keyboard!?

So you are likely wondering what exactly I`ve been up to (besides having my laptop destroyed). Well it`s been crazy busy. Two and a half years ago, we moved onto our acreage and into our 1970`s home. It is a stark contrast from our previous brand new bi-level home in town, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! An older house brings so many new possibilities. We have the privilege of making this house and yard our very own! And we are working on exactly that!

Since moving in we have torn down wallpaper, pulled out furnace vents, ripped out carpet, blown down walls, thrown out light fixtures, removed trees, cut away branches and shrubs, knocked over buildings, and brought load after load to the dump. Sounds like an awful lot of destruction and maybe like we went a little backward rather than forward, BUT, we have made some progress!

We have done ALOT of painting including doors and frames, all new carpet on the main floor, all new vents, lighting, and outlets. We spray painted the exterior brick and porch, new roof , new windows, and new siding! We also made a veggie garden, three times larger than I ever imagined – hello weeding! And probably the most exciting (for me anyway!), we are putting the finishing touches on our newly renovated kitchen and dining room!!

And no acreage would be complete without a few animals! We’ve had calves, pigs, cats, and a puppy – ALL of which were given names. Our kids chose most of them after their favourite cartoon characters, it was so fun! Our daughter has finally decided that she is ok with us butchering the cows and pigs and recently she asked that we raise chickens to eat as well! I think it’s a pretty good idea too🙂

It is amazing what a little bit (or a lot) of work can do to change the appearance of a place. Looking back at pictures, it is hard to believe this is the same place. We still have a long way to go, but are so proud and thankful for how much has been done 😊

I will leave you with a before and after of the exterior, and the hopes of adding some photos of our kitchen reno soon!


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