What We've Been Up To...

This is Home…for now

As many of you know, we recently packed up our home in Central Alberta and made a big move! With our camper fully packed and our Expedition putting along, we set out to a new province, a new home. Eighteen hours in a vehicle with three bored and uncomfortable kids was quite the adventure! I was VERY happy my Hubby agreed to pull over at a rest stop for the night. With only 14 hours of actual driving time, we finally made it to our destination.

For nine weeks we will be living in our camper. So far, we have made it through one week. We are currently parked right next door to family and friends! Matteah has spent more time outside during this one week than she did in an entire summer when we lived in town! Her cousins keep her busy with exploring and playing on the tire swing 🙂

Ethan on the other hand, has been a little bit more challenging. I’m thinking that is probably because I decided to start potty training! Life in a camper doesn’t leave you with a whole lot to do, so I figured what better to do with my time than get him potty trained?! Ethan is also enjoying being outside a playing with cousins; he is getting a good lesson in sharing!

Our little Logan is almost 3 months old and doing great! The most difficult adjustment for him was learning to take naps without a baby swing! We have discovered that he loves his soft cow blanket tucked up against his cheeks 🙂

I myself have always loved camping, but I’m a little nervous that after these two months, I will dread it! I have been busy searching Pinterest for ideas in our new home, washing load after load of laundry from the kids being outside, and trying to find the easiest, healthiest meals to cook in a camper with little storage space. I also ventured out yesterday for my first trip to Winnipeg! I was quite proud of myself for finding Superstore without a GPS 🙂

Hubby and I are also very thankful to have family and friends close to visit in the evenings and answer our many questions about life in Manitoba!! We look forward to starting life on an acreage and doing renovations, but for now, this is home.


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