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First Camping Trip of 2014!

I LOVE CAMPING! My husband?! Not so much… Well, I should actually say that he used to not like camping very much. But I think I may have changed his mind after this weekend 🙂

We went on our first camping trip in almost two years this past weekend. And let me say….WE HAD A BLAST!! Yes, even my husband! The kids were little angels the whole weekend and the campground where we stayed was amazing! There were so many extra fun activities to do, that in the five days we were there, we didn’t even get around to them all! It also helped that we went camping with some really good friends. Hope they had as much fun as we did!!

We stayed at Old MacDonald’s Resort on Buffalo Lake, Alberta. I would definitely recommend this campground to anyone and EVERYONE!

Here are some photos of the trip…

The kids (and Dads) had a ton of fun on the go carts! I even got a turn :)
The kids (and Dads) had a ton of fun on the go carts! I even got a turn 🙂

The kiddos had so much fun at the playground we had a hard time pulling them away! (Some of the adults had a little too much fun as well, but I won’t share those photos :P)

Fun at the playground :)
Fun at the playground 🙂

OK, I will admit, I think us Mommas had more fun at the lake than the kids! Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of us floating around in blow-up-boats, being buried in sand, or making rivers…but I do have a picture of the castle and mote! Can’t go to a lake without making a sandcastle!! Ethan seemed to enjoy eating the muddy sand which was an added bonus! (NOT)

At the Beach
At the Beach

Best part about the merry-go-round, it was only 25 cents! And the fun thing was, if you get your shoe into the milk crate while the ride is in motion, you get your quarter back! Which we managed to do! YAY!!

The Merry-Go-Round!!
The Merry-Go-Round!!

Oh and I nearly forgot! Guess who celebrated a birthday while we were camping?!?!?!
THIS LITTLE GUY!! (I know its a terrible picture but its the only one I took of him on his actual birthday! I think a photo shoot is in the near future 😉 )


And just a couple more of my favourite photos from the trip 🙂 There were also many walks, campfires, and ice cream cones to be enjoyed.



Sleeping Babies :)
Sleeping Babies 🙂

There were so many good photos to share I had to make a few collages! Hope you enjoyed them 🙂

5 thoughts on “First Camping Trip of 2014!”

  1. Wow looks like you guys had tons of fun! I love the pictures 🙂 And happy birthday Ethan!! Your mom was telling me about how he’s starting to walk! So exciting!! 🙂

  2. I love the blog 😉 i went camping there one year a long time ago but i still remember it was My favorite campground! Do they still have an animal zoo? Well more like 2 horses and a couple donkeys?. 😛

    1. they still have the petting zoo but we didn’t get around to that. one of the donkeys got loose though while we were at the playground! does that count?!?! haha

  3. We try go there once a year also! Love that place! Can’t wait to read more! (I have a blog too but I don’t blog as often…in fact, I never blog now.)

  4. Love the pictures you posted! Sounds like you had a fantastic time, we would love to camp with you too sometime. Take care! Looking forward to following your blog:)

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